Orange Episode 2 + 3

Review Episode 2:

Compared to the first episode, I found this one kind of flat, even though is does much the same. That’s kind of the problem. We’ve met the characters now and I’m waiting for the story to progress but rather than move along with any of the letter from the future we’re watching a girl dither about whether to make a boy a bento and the fact that her mother is equally indecisive just makes the entire sequence all the more unbearable. This episode is still beautiful and the group dynamic is still sweet but while that might be enough for a first episode with an interesting premise they can’t hope that will maintain audience interest for a whole season. While I still liked this a lot of the shine came off this episode.

Review Episode 3:


Less dithering this episode, though still some missed chances. What I really want to know is why Naho believes her future self is any wiser about what is going to erase her regrets? Just doing the opposite of what happened last time may make a difference, but is that the difference that is going to make things better? The pace this episode didn’t seem as slow and even though the focus is clearly on Naho and Kakeru most of the other characters make their presence felt this episode. The end (when we jump to the future) takes a turn for the melodramatic but otherwise this episode balances drama and laughter quite nicely.

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4 thoughts on “Orange Episode 2 + 3

  1. yeah, i kinda agree. probably my biggest problem with this series is that i cant accept that naho has changed enough in the future to figure out how exactly to change all of the key points in the past. given her present form’s level, it feels like quite a gap

    1. I’m just thinking that I probably shouldn’t try to give the past me any advice because I somehow doubt my choices now are any more informed than they were back then.

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