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I’m definitely feeling conflicted about whether I liked the way this ended. The extended episode was nice because it meant we didn’t get an abrupt pace shift in this final episode. The story has progressed slowly and steadily and the extra time allowed them to tell this final part the same way. I still think the way the friends approach some situations borders on creepy and I haven’t quite figured out why Kakeru doesn’t call them on it earlier. Naho spends the first part of the episode being just a little bit too Naho and ultimately, despite her being a central character she really doesn’t do all that much. Suwa remains the most interesting and dynamic of the cast and honestly I am still waiting for him to genuinely realise what all their meddling is going to cost him. Anyway, I’m done because if you want to know any more you are just going to have to watch the episode.

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    Karandi! I have been WAITING for you to post your final Orange review. It was my first though after finishing the series. Can I just say… Kakeru didn’t seem at all surprised to find out about the letters they had been receiving. I don’t know at all what I expected to end up happening, but I personally feel sort of jipped. Okay, parallel existence, great.

    1. Talking this over with a friend we both kind of felt like the show was set up for a tragedy it just couldn’t commit to and so it all just felt lacking toward the end. That said, I stop haven’t decided whether this is a nail in the coffin for the show or just another point to discuss.

      1. Well, overall the series was decent. I liked how fleshed out some of the characters were. Hagita was hilarious. The animation was nice too. With that said, I cant see myself ever rewatching it.

  2. Have to agree with you, Marth. They were the ones who had the more interesting story, I think, from a drama standpoint.

    It looks like they went with parallel world after all, with no crossover of the 1% divergence. I’m not even sure that the story set in present day is actually even happening or just in their heads. At least that makes the bermuda triangle idea easier to swallow if it doesn’t really work.

    1. nice! ive been saying the same exact thing while ive been reviewing this series. sending letters to the past with no way to confirm their effectiveness and no way to know if they even arrived is such a flimsy way to get closure about kakeru that this series plays out more to me like a story that the group came up with together about how they couldve saved kakeru with the knowledge they have now. it also explains why time seems to “want” to let their plan work, allowing the events of the past to change slightly in a way that will always benefit the main cast, and yeah…explains why the bermuda triangle thing works

    2. Now that would be interesting if the idea thing was just something that happened in the future versions heads. Again, totally different story but I kind of like the concept.

    1. That kind of ties in with how I’ve felt about the show. The characters have driven me crazy but Suwa has been consistently interesting even if I feel he’s made a really bad choice for his own future.

  3. this entire series feels like it would have been more interesting from the future timeline’s perspective…they would have actual practical lessons on dealing with depressed friends that arent “hope you get magic guidance from your future self”

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