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Okay, that’s seriously going to be their explanation for how the letters got back to the past? Right…

That was even worse than getting no explanation. However, it does fit the overall tone of the show. Completely irrational. Five different sets of instructions (that clearly weren’t written in consultation given different bits of information have been given to different characters) sent back by wishing and hoping that an insane conspiracy theory might pan out and that some random stranger will be able to read Japanese and will then follow said instructions, giving insufficient detail for the recipient to make an informed choice and not really knowing what the outcome of any of these changes might be… Well, I guess it’s a plot but logic left this particular group of characters a long time ago.

The only positive that really came out of this was at least we finally got to see Kakeru’s point of view and the process that lead to his decision to die in the original timeline. Given the show has been about saving Kakeru, very little time has been given to allow the audience to actually understand him as a character. Admittedly, this half-episode series of flash backs doesn’t give us much more depth than we got from the other characters’ letters but it feels like he’s actually a person now instead of a goal post.

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5 thoughts on “Orange Episode 12

  1. I don’t think I’m ready to decide whether or not the time travel explanation was worthwhile. It did need some sort of explanation, but this was really weak. In any case, I think both the show and the viewers would be best served to simply move on.

    Kakeru certainly has no idea what he’s supposed to be waiting for until Valentine’s day. In seeing the flashbacks it doesn’t look like his death was on purpose either. More like he didn’t do much to get out of the way. What kills me is that he seemed to constantly want more out of his relationship with Naho but alter-Kakeru isn’t doing anything to promote that, even when she’s doing her best to.

    With one episode to go, I only see tragedy or a contrived resolution ahead. Still hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

  2. honestly, i never understood why this series didnt focus more on the other timeline…they’re the ones with regrets

    and the black hole in the bermuda triangle revelation makes me angry and want to laugh at anyone who told me this show wasnt about the time travel

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