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Suwa is taking an awful lot on faith that the science teacher was right in his theory on parallel worlds. And even if Suwa in the other timeline has regrets, why should current Suwa be forced to bear the consequences? I was super relieved when this happened.


Good job. Now just do the same to Naho and Kakeru.

While they might still pull off a mushy, happy, and fairly unsatisfying ending at this point, it really feels that this episode has tipped the scales firmly toward tragedy. The only question remaining really is how much has their meddling messed with the original timeline and did any of it make any real difference?

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  1. This is where the parallel worlds idea gets confusing. Essentially, both past and future characters seem to be thinking that that the future world will remain as it is, and saving Kakeru’s life will simply create another parallel reality.

    If the series is following the infinite parallel realities model, then isn’t there already one future where Kakeru lives and marries Naho? One where he lives and doesn’t marry her? One where he dies and Naho marries, oh I don’t know, Hagita? What exactly is the future group trying to do by sending letters then? Nothing about their own reality would change and some other reality is already enjoying the consequences of a living Kakeru.

    If the Steins;Gate model is followed, then the present day’s reality won’t change no matter what the group knows and Kakeru will still die. That is, unless they can shift their world line to another reality. I joked about this in a previous post, but now it looks like this really might be where this is going. Suwa and others are changing events, little by little, to reach the 1% divergence. This would eliminate Kakeru’s premature death from their own reality, and what happens afterward is up for grabs.

    Maybe I’m overthinking this. I don’t see a satisfactory answer to all these logical questions coming over the next two episodes while still covering the emotional aspects of the story. Maybe then the whole point of the show is not in preventing Kakeru’s death, but preventing the regret of feeling like they didn’t do all they could for their friend – after all the theme of the first episode was regret. At least in this latest episode they started questioning the effect of changing the timeline and that makes me happy from a logic standpoint.

    1. Yes, from a logic standpoint the friends actually thinking through the consequences was well overdue.
      As for the rest, I wonder if this show is interested in giving us any answers.

    2. nah, you’re not overthinking it. i said something similar about this series in an earlier episode. by sending something as impersonal as a letter to the past, they’re really not accomplishing anything since their world doesnt change and they’d be better off writing a novel about kakeru not dying

  2. I was so glad to see a shift in Suwa’s favor in the last episode. I thought the conversation in the car (between the future group) was weird. They were talking like Naho wasn’t even there about how in love Kakeru was with Naho. I just cant imagine a husband and father being so comfortable with this whole thing?

    1. The car ride was weird. It was like they are just casually dissecting their friends emotions and motives while they are present. And once again, Naho just kind of sits and then listens like that’s fine. Really odd.

  3. to be fair, the future photos were kind of an indication? you’d expect something in them to change if it was a single timeline. that being said, the main drama of the episode seemed to indicate that pretty much everything they had done had changed nothing (which was pretty stupid), so i guess it might not give you much

    for me, i just latched on a single thing Naho said about the fact that she would marry Suwa even if Kakeru hadn’t died, because it reminded me of a recent study i had read about on cognitive dissonance and the human ability to predict the future

  4. I’m a few episodes behind on Orange (waiting for it to finish) but I always felt like Suwa was really sacrificing the most when he wrote back to his past self. Even if he was feeling regret for Naho and Kakeru not getting together when they were younger; his future self is really sacrificing his family. And I had an issue with that when I found it out. I may be off base, since I haven’t seen this episode yet…

    1. I know, right. It’s been the issue I’ve had the whole time. Future Naho trying to undo the life and family she made and then future Suwa trying to support her doing it. What are the future selves thinking?

      1. Yes! That’s been exactly my problem the moment I found out what naho was doing, and Suwa I just feel like he’s getting completely shafted; it’s like Naho is saying her life wasn’t good enough with Suwa. I get the premise is to save their friend but how much of your life can be sacrificed? It’s kind of a life for a life.

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