Orange Episode 10


This episode needs to come with a warning about the sheer amount of cheesy scenes they are about to throw at you. We’re still at the athletics competition and we finish with the long awaited relay. Ignoring the over the top words of encouragement the friends are throwing around (which should be making Kakeru wonder if his class is actually some form of cult at this point) I now have to wonder if the guy in the blue team who now lost the relay gets to send a letter to his past self telling him to win to undo a past regret. It seems unfair that only Naho and gang get to make every situation turn in their favour. And how did they even win after subbing out all the actual racers from their class? Anyway, relay done, lots of happy photos, touching moments, and now I’m waiting for Suwa to realise what he’s done to himself and to explode.

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7 thoughts on “Orange Episode 10

  1. I love your Orange reviews. I’ve been watching this series faithfully every week and we seem to have the same opinion of it. I honestly thought the same thing, what about the guy who lost now? Has no one heard of the butterfly effect? The last episode is going to be that the world explodes because someone changed something seemingly insignificant. (I’m being as dramatic as this series is getting)

  2. Your question makes me wonder how many alternative realities their are of kids sending letters to the past to fix mistakes. That’s quite an amusing thought. :D.

  3. Kakeru’s just that fast. In another life he was know as Sonic the Hedgehog. I am hoping for an explanation as to how those letters were sent to the past, but I’m not expecting it at all.

    1. Doesn’t seem like the series is intending to deal with the time travel aspect in any meaningful way. Could be wrong but other than that one conversation in the science class there hasn’t been any indication that the writers want to address that point.

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