Orange Episode 1


Naho has received a letter from herself in the future telling her to avoid the mistakes of her past. While at first skeptical, as the events in the letter unfolds, Naho begins to take the message more seriously.


Episode 1 of this plays out much as you would expect. Naho goes to school, meets a transfer student , and then we see the group go through the usual school moments together for a time. In fact, without the tension of knowing more or less from the start that someone won’t be there in the future, this is kind of a nothing episode. We meet a sweet group of kids doing school type things. I enjoyed this first episode but am kind of hoping for a bit more in future episodes because I don’t think I can watch a whole series week to week of a girl living the high school dream.

More importantly, who doesn’t read a whole letter and only reads the next line? It’s not like it was a novel. Read it in one sitting and don’t drag it out over a whole episode.

Orange is available on Crunchyroll.

2 thoughts on “Orange Episode 1

  1. Yeah, it was a bit of a weird way to read a letter. I thought it was very affectionate, but that could get get old fast particularly with 12 other simulcasts. I’ve got a good feeling about the series though.

    1. I’m kind of hoping it lives up to expectations at this point because it was quite an enjoyable premiere even while not doing anything particularly new or different.

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