One Punch Man Review Season Two Episode Nine


Those Who Would Call Themselves Hero


One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 9

The dashing Saitama comes racing to the rescue and saves the day. Well, not quite. Saitama does get his amazing entrance in his hero costume and Suiryu is suitably impressed by the entrance of his saviour. However, a one punch fight is over pretty quickly and once again we see the true ennui that has overtaken Saitama’s existence.


That seems to be the focus this episode as Saitama realises he missed a lot of the monster fighting and then seriously begins to question why he’s even doing it. A chance encounter with King allows him to wax philosophical, at least until the hero hunter Garou shows up. It has been awhile since Garou was even vaguel relevant and yet he’s still running around, licking his wounds after being beaten by a hero and ready to take an opportunistic shot at King. Naturally that’s a lot of build up for a non-encounter as Saitama simply pushes him aside and into a wall as though he’s nothing and King and Saitama continue on business as usual.


However, Garou isn’t the only non-nemisis making an appearance this week as Sonic is training when he’s approached by representatives of the monster association. I did actually enjoy what they did with his gag as he’s given the monster cell and chooses to eat it in pursuit of his goal of beating Saitama, however decides first to cook it, which I assume renders it fairly useless.


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By episode’s end, the monsters have sent a message to the hero association and I guess we’ll find out what they are after soon. This episode felt very fragmented as we lurched from one event to the next and one group to the next, with even Genos making a brief, if broken, appearance. It very much feels like the set up of things to come but with only three episodes left I have to wonder if it will end up being a big enough ending to warrant all this set up or whether we’ll be left hanging for a third season that just might never be.


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