One Punch Man Review Season 2 Episode 6


Everybody is Monster Fighting

One Punch Man Season 2 Genos

Episode 6

Monsters outside the arena and monsters inside it. This episode keeps cutting between the two and both are interesting enough in their own way.

Alright, I’ll be honest. I liked this episode a lot because we got quite a lot of Genos. Genos left the arena to go fight some monsters and we get a number of sequences of Genos taking down monsters and just looking awesome. Of course, One Punch Man isn’t above disassembling or crushing Genos and by the end of this episode he’s been stomped into the ground (or at least that’s what it looked like) but he certainly got to look cool first and that is worth celebrating.


It should be noted that episode 6 doesn’t really progress anything. At the end of episode 5 we had monster outbreaks everywhere and the martial arts tournament was underway and the rich guy’s son had been kidnapped. This episode we still have monster outbreaks, a couple more heroes are down, the son is still kidnapped and the hero association is freaking out about the possibility of losing an investor (rather than the fact that they are currently failing miserably to actually stop the monsters) and Saitama is still taking part in the martial arts tournament.

I mean this looks cool and all but is there a point other than being cool? And does it matter?

It could be considered a waste of an episode except that the cuts between fights were all interesting enough and One Punch Man has never been one to avoid burning screen time on the set-up for a fight or a joke. What matters is whether or not it was an entertaining spectacle rather than whether it drove the plot particularly far.


In that sense there’s a bit of a mixed response. Without the impressive soundtrack and smooth visuals from season one there’s a lot less wow factor in these mini-skirmishes and while watching Genos is always awesome I kind of wanted a bit more spectacle. I mean, if we’re having spectacle for spectacle’s sake it should be extraordinary and yet this was just kind of okay.


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Still, if you like watching the heroes and monsters scrambling about and seeing some pretty standard tournament smack talk before various opponents are put down way too quickly there’s entertainment to be had. That, and all the Genos fans out there will certainly be happy with his screen time this week. I certainly was.

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