Of the Red, the Light, and the Ayakashi Book 3 Manga Review



Yue is struggling with the knowledge that Shin created the town to sustain the life of the Ayakashi. Meanwhile, Tsubaki is being hunted as a meal while Akiyoshi is still trying to sort out his feelings as to whether he can trust Yue or not.


This book is kind of hard to review because by itself it isn’t that interesting. There’s some gaps in the reader’s knowledge filled in and the characters are coming to terms with previous revelations, but most of the action in the story comes from the ayakashi’s hunt for Tsubaki through the deserted school. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but compared to the intrigue and mystery of books 1 and 2 it kind of felt like something was lacking.

This book also spends a lot of time in the past. Akiyoshi is really struggling with how he feels about Yue given he knows Yue has been raised among ayakashi. He’s also then burdened further when Akashi comes to stay with his family as a friend of his father, given Akashi is the guy who attacked Yue in the previous book. He isn’t exactly forthcoming with any explanations but he does drop a few teasing hints as to his purpose. We also see a little bit of Akiyoshi’s past which kind of explains why he doesn’t like the ayakashi so much.


However, Akiyoshi isn’t the only one who is having their past examined. We learn a lot more about Shin in the volume and see a little bit about why he put the veil over the town. Though how he ended up inside Yue is still a little bit of a mystery as is his current purpose given Shin seems to be questioning whether or not his actions in the past were right.

But as I said before, the bulk of the action in this volume comes from Tsubaki trying to escape the ayakashi that has finally come to eat him. From this it is clear that Tsubaki at least trusts Yue to come to his rescue and while Tsubaki knows he can’t really escape on his own he certainly tries hard to buy time hoping that Yue will rescue him.

Of course, there are still mysteries surrounding the past and Yue’s future and plenty I still want to know. And this book does do a lot of world building, introductions, finishing off the young girl ayakashi’s story, and basically continues things well enough. So while as an individual read it wasn’t so great, as part of this series it continues things nicely.

I’m looking forward to reading the next volume when I finally get the chance to.

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