Null & Peta Episode 4 Review

Null Episode 4

She Should Have Gone To School

This episode is framed by Null’s thought that she should have just gone to school and it works very well in terms of giving us five minutes of entertainment. After seeing Null’s initial thought against the backdrop of a space station we cut to Peta having made fake Sakura trees and blowing petals at Null to give her the illusion that it is the first day of school. It is sweet in an overbearing kind of way.


Null however, despite being in her school uniform, isn’t buying it and attempts to return home but her backpack suddenly turns into a rocket and begins to fly her to school. Turns out she thinks she’s a step ahead of her robot sister this time and she’s already modified it so that she can go get ice-cream. Null is really kind of pleasant to spend time with in this series. I kind of wish we’d get a bit more depth into why she is on her own but her motivation is always really clear and her actions make logical sense within the context of the show at least.


However, Peta isn’t having it and when they fight for control the rocket launches Null into space. Which you would think would make her safe from Peta’s nagging except it really doesn’t.

Again, I wonder about the programming of Peta as she nearly kills Null by trying to feed her in space where removing her helmet will definitely kill her. Not long after that though, tragedy strikes and we are left wondering how Null will get out of the situation or even if the anime will try to get her out of it or whether we’ll just reset as we have at the start of most episodes.


It’s all just kind of sweet nonsense but underlying it you can kind of sense that Null is in real pain. I’d love to give her a hug and I think that’s the reason I keep watching this. I want to see Null eventually get free of the pain she is in. Probably won’t happen given this one seems to be a strictly formulaic comedy but I can hope.

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Images from: Null Peta. Dir. H Ogura. Shin-Ei Animation. 2019.

2 thoughts on “Null & Peta Episode 4 Review

  1. I do have to say, the image of Null floating in space, thinking “Maybe I should have gone to school,” is my kind of humour. And then it actually doubles as a surpringly melancholic characterisation moment. The show uses what little time it has pretty well. I wouldn’t expect a resolution, but there may be more development than expected.

    1. I agree, this anime is using what little time it has well and remains pretty interesting. Despite the overt comedy, Null has been a surprisingly interesting character so far.

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