Null & Peta Episode 3 Review

Null Episode 3

Bed Time Stories With Maths

I always thought Maths existed to put people to sleep and episode 3 of Null & Peta does exactly that but turns it into a really sweet and touching moment for a troubled and lonely genius child inventor. And this is why I can’t discuss anime with people who aren’t used to it.


Alright, our five minutes this episode are continuing the saga of Peta, the robot with the sister’s personality, trying to lean on Null to go to school. However, unlike the previous episode which have resulted in almost Saturday morning cartoon levels of silliness, this time we get a more direct conversation regarding Null not wanting to go to school. Admittedly it is framed around a bath scene but after all it is anime so of course it is.


And it isn’t as though all the humour is thrown out the window. We still get plenty of antics from the offer to massage her scalp before bringing out instruments that look like they will kill her to the robot overflowing the tub, there’s levity here. It’s just that Null’s genuine desire to not go to school now makes sense. We see her experience in the classroom through her eyes, this keen and bright young girl, and we realise exactly why she has no interest in being there even if she is very interested in learning.


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This episode made me genuinely wonder whether Peta actually existed or whether she’s a product of Null’s over-active imagination. It would certainly explain why this robot can literally do anything and seems to have taken on way too much of Null’s sister’s personality. Of course, that might be a bit too much for this story to deal with in five minute snippets but it would certainly be an interesting twist.


This anime continues to be a bit of fun each week and with the soft touch on emotions this week it has pretty much secured its spot until the end of the season. Hopefully it continues to deliver some light laughs and maybe a few more poignant moments.

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Images from: Null Peta. Dir. H Ogura. Shin-Ei Animation. 2019.

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