Null & Peta Episode 2 Review

Null Episode 2

Breakfast: The Most
Important Meal

You don’t expect much from a five minute short so Null & Peta delivering a basic set up gag and repeating with escalation for its run is fairly much expected. There’s a few cute moments to be had, the escalation works well enough and the finale is suitable for the run time. There’s really nothing to complain about given what the show is, though it isn’t exactly must watch material. More a brain break inbetween watching more involved stories.


I actually enjoyed the set up though. Seeing Null dreaming about her sister waking her up was nice as it does help you to feel her loneliness and the reason why she tried to build a robot sister. The process she has waking her up and preparing her for the day is reminiscent of the Jetsons and was kind of adorable. I’m just wondering where her parents are and how she funds all these inventions. Also, why does a girl who can build a sentient robot even need to go to school?


Still, Peta’s bait and switch with the hologram breakfast and then producing the purple fried rice of death (I still want to know how anime characters manage to produce purple food with such regularity) before pursuing Null to try to force her to eat it is more or less where the episode becomes an episode of the Road Runner. Only in this case the Road Runner is chasing Wile E Coyote and it ends with Null blowing up one of her inventions in order to stop Peta. Too bad she designed Peta to be pretty durable.


It doesn’t do much but it is enough. There’s some sweetness here and some cute moments as well as some that will hopefully make you smile and then it comes to an end. Short and sweet.

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Images from: Null Peta. Dir. H Ogura. Shin-Ei Animation. 2019.

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