Null & Peta Episode 1

Null Episode 1

Sugar and Spice and
All Things Nice

Short anime don’t get a lot of time and Null & Peta seems well aware of it five minute run time as it drops us straight into watching Null throwing her ‘ingredients’ into some kind of machine to make her robot sister. We’re left to assume that her sister for whatever reason is no longer around and parents don’t feature anywhere here. It isn’t long before we get a blinding light and an explosion and then the appearance of the robot sister that isn’t what Null, or the audience, probably expected.


I enjoyed this first episode. Null was cute on her own and it really did feel like the nursery rhyme as she mixed the different attributes she wanted for her sister together. While it doesn’t even vaguely hold up to the sci-fi tag MAL has on this show, because there’s no science actually happening and it is more pseudo magic or plot development through wishing, it is kind of cute how earnestly she is working and even when it isn’t quite right Null is still delighted by the presence of her sister even if she has some interesting new features.


In the final minutes, the robot learns that Null hasn’t been attending school and hugs her before capturing her tightly and flying off toward the school. It is a cute sisterly moment and works well enough. I think if this went for twenty minutes I probably couldn’t stomach it but at five it worked really well and it certainly made me curious as to what Null and Peta will get up to next.


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Images from: Null Peta. Dir. H Ogura. Shin-Ei Animation. 2019.

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