Noblesse: Awakening OVA

Once again, Crunchyroll gave me a random show to watch and this time it was an OVA for something I’d never heard of before. Of course that was after I dismissed a fighting anime option and an idol one and I only gave myself 3 chances before I was going to watch whatever came up.


Vampire wakes up after 800 years or so. Apparently he’s some sort of noble. Then he goes to highschool.


At 30 minutes, this doesn’t really have time for anything complex. It gives you a text-based introduction about the setup and then we are pretty much straight into coffin opening and then vampire goes to school. At times I wondered if this OVA was paid for by Japan’s education system given how many plugs going to school got in the 30 minute run time. That said, I give the human characters credit for knowing when to run away unlike in most shows where they would see the weird creepy thing and run toward it. Going to point out it is very unfair that they weren’t rewarded for their actual and credible survival skills.

Overall this was enjoyable enough but it doesn’t have enough time to really make you care about anything that is happening and then it is over but feels like it really is just starting so unless we get something else you just kind of wonder what the point was. Fans of vampire anything will enjoy this, if you like an okay action story you will enjoy this, and if you are just looking for a way to kill 30 minutes, there are worse ways to do it than Noblesse: Awakening. But that’s about as far as I can recommend it.

Nobless: Awakening is available on Crunchyroll.

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