No Man’s Sky Update

I kind of feel like this is going to be a thing for awhile.

So, I’ve played some more (not excessively because I just don’t have the time, but I am having to set an alarm before starting the game because I completely lose track while playing) and I’m starting to get a feeling that things are at times a bit too repetitive. And then I think, I’ll just go over one more hill, one more scan, one more planet, one more monolith and somehow I get hooked straight back in.

Naming things is one really fun. Each system I enter I have to think of a theme and all the planets and moons are getting named whatever the first part of their original name was and then hyphenated with a name relating to the theme I’ve chosen for that system. Plant and animal life on each world also has a theme. Sometimes letter combinations, sometimes lists of things, it doesn’t really matter but I’ve ended up with some truly bizarre planets.

It took awhile before I died the first time. I was warned that the sentinels on the planet were aggressive and would attack me on sight. I was warned. More than once. I still got myself shot down. Lesson learned and all that but still a pain trying to get back the resources I was carrying. I haven’t died since though a dinosaur (named Elvis of all things) had a real go at trying to duplicate the effect.

Honestly, I’m trying to decide whether I want to follow the path the monolith is trying to send me on or whether I want to keep just randomly jumping between systems. Having an actual goal and direction set for me seems like it could be fun but at the same time I’m really liking the not knowing what is on the next planet or in the next system. More importantly, given some of the imagery you get from the monoliths, I’m not certain I trust them to send me somewhere good.

The last system I jumped to has a lot more traders and life than any of the systems I’d been in previously. The disadvantage of that being that I also finally got attacked in space and man does that space ship handle badly. You know that from the start but you really notice it when you are being shot from behind and you know you don’t have any kind of shielding that is going to save you unless you figure out how to manoeuvre (luckily I survived and managed to shoot the pirates down – unluckily I didn’t gain anything for that other than an increased standing and the ability to live on).

I’ve also found that discussing No Man’s Sky with other players is fantastic. Once you get started on what you’ve found or tried it just keeps going. For a game that some argue is boring, a lot of people are certainly having fun exploring their lonely corner of the galaxy. I’m continuing on my journey and I’ll do an update every now and then on how that journey is going.

Let me know how your journey is going.

7 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky Update

    1. I’m still finding it pretty interesting though I think the game is definitely suffering from the expectations players have going in rather than from any poor performance.

      1. If ya don’t mind me saying this, but I grew up on PC games. Whatever happen to people just sitting back and enjoying said game, you know? Nowadays it’s all about “Oh, this game best live up to the hype.” Sorry for going off topic a bit, but good to hear you still are into it! 🙂 No Man’s Sky’s now on my steam list!

        1. I agree. Just play the game and enjoy it or not. A game isn’t bad because it isn’t as good as someone said it was. And in this case, the game is what it says it is in the description. It’s an exploration game. Nothing more, nothing less.

          1. In my post I just did a bit ago, I posted what games are on my steam list that I’ll get soon as my computer can handle them. There might be games that people aren’t/weren’t thrilled about, but to me, a game is a game, I’ll play it and enjoy the thing. Ratings etc don’t mean a thing to me.

  1. I haven’t been playing for a while but I’d at least like to get the Platinum at some point. Hopefully in the future there will be updates that change the game for the better, not that I have too many problems with how the game is now.

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