No Man’s Sky Update and Questions

It’s been about a month now that I’ve been playing this off and on and while I am still thoroughly enjoying exploring the galaxy one planet in the solar system at a time, I am now ready to identify some of the questions and issues I have with it as a game. As much fun as I am having there is definitely a few issues that I have come across.

  1. Why is there no way to map where you’ve wandered around on a planet? I get that just giving us a map would be too easy given it is an exploration but as we trudge our way across barren desert, through radioactive swamps, and waist high grass, surely we could generate a map of where we had been and maybe even leave notes on said map so that we remembered which of the many little blue question marks was actually the one where we could call our spaceship or trade? Possibly I could solve this problem by having a sense of direction but I don’t and to be honest I’ve gotten lost from my spaceship a few times and just kind of had to point my cursor at the little ship icon and hope there wasn’t an uncrossable barrier between me and it. But for advanced space exploration, lacking any kind of mapping feature is just a bit sad.

2. While we are on maps and directions, why is every marker that you have on your map indicated by how long it will take to get there (calculated by current speed which means if you run or accelerate the distance shrinks and then it get’s bigger when you run out of endurance and you are walking again)? Could we get that in kilometers (I’d even settle for miles)? When I ask someone how far something is I expect them to tell me it’s a k or 2 or 100km. I don’t expect them to say, “If you maintain current speed it will take you 3 minutes.”

3. One ecosystem across the planet. Now, I haven’t explored all that far yet in the galaxy so maybe there are planets that diversify, however so far every planet I’ve been on, regardless of how far I explore, has had one basic ecosystem (a pool of water or a cave doesn’t count particularly if every pool of water and cave are the same across the planet as well).

4. Why are the pirates so dumb? Alright, this game isn’t combat based but I really suck at flying that space craft and yet pirates still get shot down by me. To give a clue as to how bad these pirates are, one group chased me to a planet that I landed on. I kind of expected them to blow my ship up after landing, but they didn’t so I explored for a bit and then took off. On leaving atmosphere, they attacked again and this time I attempted to get them in my sights but as I pointed out, I suck. So I dove back into atmosphere. This time they followed so I pulled up. They kept going down. As I floated above the planet I watched the two pirate ships circle above the surface of the planet and then I leisurely lined up my laser and blew them apart without them returning another shot. For that I got an achievement (apparently I’d shot down x number of pirates by then).

5. Could the trader’s and various aliens remember what random interaction we’ve had before I ask them to teach me a word. One interaction went like this: The alien was studying a screen showing a battle and looking worried. I pretended not to see him leave his multi-tool and run away. Only, the guy was still there and I could still talk to him and have him teach me the language. So other then gaining his multi-tool (which was awesome, thanks for that) what was the point of the exchange?

6. Lastly, why can’t we have multiple characters and save files? Now that I’ve played awhile there are a few things I’d like to try but I don’t want to upset my standing in my main game. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be an option.

Once I got the game working on my computer, I haven’t had any issues with crashes and the like, though I do get the occasional floating tree or mis-timed music cue. Otherwise the game runs well (on fairly low settings) without issue. It’s only lost a save once and sent me back to a previous way station.

So what have I achieved in my latest round of exploration? I finally catalogued all the animals on one planet (stupid bird things wouldn’t stay still long enough to scan). I’ve upgraded my exo-suit so I can now carry a decent amount of loot so less trips to traders and to the ship. I now have filled my hyperdrive with fuel and have a fairly large supply of anti-matter ready to make more fuel. My language learning was going well but now I’m in a solar system where I need to learn Vykeen instead of Gek so it’s basically back to square one.

Onward and upward. I will continue to explore the galaxy and see what I can uncover.


5 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky Update and Questions

  1. Wow, really? That’s how the map function is? I’m truly surprised, especially since this is a game about exploration. You have to make people feel like they’re adequately exploring.

    1. I’d even settle for a tool that just allowed you to make your own map as you went and mark places of interest but no, there is nothing.
      I’m not actually complaining too much. I’m enjoying the game and the exploration, but I felt there are some areas where a small improvement would go a long way.

  2. “One ecosystem across the planet.”

    Another common complaint I hear about the game. Many planets don’t have traits that differentiate themselves from others. Not to mention, at some point planets are going to start recycling creatures, only with different color pallets (or so I’ve heard).

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