No Man’s Sky Update

Three weeks in (though that only equates to about 25 hours game play given other commitments) and I’m still really enjoying this game.

I finally updated my multi-tool and I really like grenades. Okay, there isn’t a lot to use them against, but I’m no longer standing outside buildings trying to hit the door with the bolt caster while sentinels swarm and attack because I’m now taking out the door in one shot and moving on. So much better. Not to mention the improved scanning range is fantastic. Admittedly, I knew all the blue prints for this technology ages ago but I had no slots left on my multi-tool.

I still haven’t managed to upgrade ships though. The only ones I can afford don’t seem like much of a step up, and every crashed ship I have found has either been the same or worse and not worth the effort of repairing.

My biggest achievement is my progression in learning the language and actually knowing what I’m being asked by the various traders I’ve encountered. I am making fewer mistakes in what I offer them and as a result am gaining some pretty cool technology designs. Or at least, I was making progress until I encountered another alien group and languages in a new system.

One thing that bothers me is that distance measurements you are being given to targets. One measure told me I was thirty minutes away from a trading post and it proceeded to tell me that through nearly an hour of game play regardless of whether I was walking or flying and no matter how far I travelled (admittedly with landings in between). Finally I left the planet and came back down through the atmosphere on top of it but seriously that was really irritating. Just tell me the thing is on the other side of the planet. I can cope with that but the never appearing and endlessly receding point is just being mean.

I’ve also started a vendetta against those stupid whiplike plants that attack you when you walk past. And for some reason they are on every planet but you can name them different things. Now I just blow up every one I see with a grenade.

That said, I’m still enjoying my exploration of the galaxy. I haven’t made a lot of progress but I kind of feel like that’s a good thing. The galaxy should be a big place.

4 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky Update

  1. Glad you are liking it. Couple of questions if I may:

    1. I heard there was an update/will be one. Do you know anything about it?
    2. I heard there is an end game to this, and was wondering if there is an actual story element in the game?
    3. Just curious, do you use mods to enhance any elements?


    1. I don’t know about any specific update for the game and no there does not seem to be any story other than maybe get to the centre (which I am actively avoiding following any pathways that might lead me there). And nope, no mods for games. Next week when I do an update I’m going to look at a few of the issues I’ve encountered while playing.

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