No Man’s Sky Atlas Path

This week, in the very little time I gave No Man’s Sky due to other commitments, I decided to get on moving and actually follow the Atlas Path for awhile. Turns out this isn’t all that much different than just randomly choosing a system to explore based on number of planets as you see where the little red line goes and jump. The only difference being that sometimes I’ve decided to move on before landing on every single planet because it kind of feels like there might be some reason to move on.

My greatest accomplishment this week was probably getting a bigger spaceship (still not huge but a little bigger), and upgrading my exosuit. I kind of had to because I was trying to build the warp drive thingy and I needed 1000 gold and 1000 emeril (which took up massive amounts of space in the inventory) and then I had to make some other thing which took a lot of bits and pieces. Anyway, success on the build and now I have far more carry space.

I also decided to tough it out on a planet with hostile sentinels. I’m going through grenades like crazy but I’ve found some cool stuff and made a lot of units so it’s been worth it. The other issue on the planet being radiation storms that just kill my shielding. Solution: shoot more sentinels and collect  titanium. Use titanium to power radiation shield.

So a more aggressive week in No Man’s Sky but the main aspects of the game (wandering around and seeing what you can find) remain the same and that’s a nice way to have a break at the end of a long day.

Back to the Atlas path. I didn’t get very far along it but that just means I’ve got a lot more places to explore next time.

On that note, I won’t be updating No Man’s Sky for a couple of weeks because I’ll be travelling about and won’t have access. This shouldn’t have any impact on the rest of my posts though as I’m pretty sure I’ve managed to secure internet at all locations this time.

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