Nazotokine Episode 3


Nazotokine Episode 3 Review:

Well, at least I don’t know the answer to the riddle yet. That’s a plus. Mostly this episode follows Tokine around her normal day as she gets herself fired up for a late night of work before rushing for the last train. It was interesting seeing what happens to other people when they are taken into the game, though I guess we aren’t getting any explanation about why Tokine is an exception other than that ‘chosen one’ rubbish the magic pig thing keeps throwing around.

All and all, seven minutes for an episode doesn’t seem like much and yet they are still managing to waste minutes and the story is progressing at glacial speed. Oh well. I guess I’ll find out the answer to the riddle next week (or if anyone else watched the episode they could just tell me).

Nazotokine is available on Crunchyroll.

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Karandi James

2 thoughts on “Nazotokine Episode 3

  1. Tried a few of these 7 minute shows, so hard to get into them. Did see a cute 4 episode one from the point of view of a cat last week. Had me wishing I owned a cat that would lovingly ignore me.

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