Nazotokine Episodes 1 + 2


Nazotokine Episodes 1 and 2 Overview:

In Nazotokine, a perfectly ordinary secretary (except that she’s secretly an otaku) gets trapped in another dimension and is told she has to solve some riddles to get out.

Review Episode 1:

This I didn’t mind. At only 7 minutes we barely got the introduction of the story and it’s all about as generic as it comes but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. The presentation wasn’t bad and it didn’t seem to be trying to aspire to anything more than what it was. I guess the real question becomes, can it make the riddles that supposedly need solving interesting?

Given we didn’t get to see any examples of the riddles that is definitely still in doubt and could really make or break a show with this premise. That said, it certainly made me want to watch what happens next to find out (at least for now). We did however get a totally unnecessary transformation sequence because I guess allowing the main character to stay dressed as a secretary was just too much to ask for.


Review Episode 2:

You would think a show about riddles would present one you couldn’t answer instantaneously and the fact that she has a near orgasmic experience from solving it (similar to the effect of food in Food Wars) seems just a little over the top for a basic letter rearrangement. We also, of course, waste most of the first part of the episode arguing about the outfit.

That said, the short run time is definitely in this show’s favour as it manages to hold my attention for the duration. And I was surprised that after one riddle she returned though they’ve clearly indicated that this is a temporary situation. Definitely a case where being the chosen one is not a good thing.

Nazotokine is available on Crunchyroll.

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