Natsume Yuujinchou Season 6 Episode 8



After consecutive weeks of returning characters, season 6 delivered a yokai of the week story that went a different direction to what I was expecting. When Natsume first met the strange boy at the station, I suspected he’d be a yokai, but I didn’t expect that Natsume would simply tell him that he should tell people that upfront and that we’d move on from it. That kind of shows how much Natsume has grown because he used to get quite upset when someone he thought was human wasn’t.


Anyway, given they get over that part of the story quickly we move onto the real story this week which is the romance between a human girl and a yokai broken off by the yokai either because he wanted her to have a normal life or he got scared about the fact that she will most definitely die before he will.


It’s a really cute story and I really enjoyed getting to know Aoi, the yokai of the week. Part of me really hopes his character comes back again.

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2 thoughts on “Natsume Yuujinchou Season 6 Episode 8

  1. The human-youkai love affairs that pop up throughout Natsume are among my favorite elements in this show. Sure, most of them end sadly and even the ones that seem happy will eventually end sadly but I think that pathos is part of the appeal? Anyway, this show really does handle them well.

    Aoi and Kaoru were great too. I liked how Natsume was impressed by Kaoru’s persistence and wondered if he’d be ready to do the same thing one day.

    1. I really liked that too. Of course, Natsume’s reflections are always what make these fairly simple stories somehow more meaningful. And you are right, the show always handles this idea of human-yokai love really well.

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