Natsume Yuujinchou Season 6 Episode 11


Review – Some spoilers:

Can we get a season 7 announcement, please?


This episode resumes the hunt for the study and as usual Natsume’s keen eyes and a deeper understanding of yokai and those who can clearly see yokai find the necessary clues that eventually lead the group to the study door. That said, Natori does have a moment of doubt about whether he should hear what Natsume has to say regarding the Book of Friends later in the episode.


So as much as Natori continues to play the understanding guy they are leaving his character and his relationship to Natsume ambiguous right to the end. I find it fascinating how this show didn’t resolve this point but still made this feel satisfying. We did take another step in this relationship with Natsume ultimately explaining the situation with Reiko to Natori and we heard Natori’s response. First the one he said clearly to Natsume:


And then the one he made sure Natsume didn’t hear:

It isn’t exactly a declaration that Natori is going to try to take the book or destroy it, but it kind of indicates Natori isn’t just going to say, ‘cool, you’re grandmother left you a really dangerous book’. It will be interesting to see how this progresses, assuming of course we get more of this show.


The other point that has to be mentioned is that for the first time a yokai has suggested knowing a male relative of Natsume. We kind of knew he had to have family other than Reiko and his dead parents but they’ve never been mentioned. And as Natsume wonders later, what connection did a former relative of his have with the exorcists? It is obvious that Nanase of the Matoba clan had some sort of relationship with Reiko other than the one childhood encounter we’ve seen, but is Natsume more closely tied to the exorcists than he realises?

So this season is done and I’m really happy with how it has gone but will do a full review soon. That said, this is a show I always want more of.

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5 thoughts on “Natsume Yuujinchou Season 6 Episode 11

  1. Season 7. Please.

    I loved what they did with Natori, giving a measure of resolution while leaving his future actions unpredictable. At least Nyanko-sensei seems to have some healthy caution concerning the matter.

    The way Natsume dealt with the dragon was classic Natsume and one of my favorite moments this season. I’m curious about the man with Natsume’s face too and if his grandfather really was an exorcist. Also, if both Reiko and whoever she had a kid with could see youkai, that might explain why Natsume is so spiritually strong.

    1. I keep wondering if Natsume is as strong as Reiko or not. She was certainly more active in her use of her spiritual power but with Natsume it is hard to tell how strong he is given he doesn’t really know how to use his power or really understand it.

      1. True. The most we see of it is when he punches out youkai or assists in exorcisms. They tell us he’s strong but I don’t know how he stands in comparison to Reiko either.

  2. I marathoned this anime literally last night. I’m still sleep-deprived but it’s worth it. I’ve been looking forward to this. Great development. I want to learn more about what that dragon said.

    1. So do I. I really want more of this. I guess I’ll just have to settle for binge watching the seasons that are already out.

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