Natsume Yuujinchou Roku OVA 2



While the first OVA didn’t really do all that much for me in terms of bringing on the usual Natsume feels, this second one kind of nails what I love about Natsume. While the focus of the story is on a girl who rescued an owl and ended up in possession of a ring that she’s now trying to return, Natsume’s encounter with her is something that is really beautiful to watch unfold.


Which of course is what makes the end of this OVA so bitter-sweet, as Natsume endings often are. But it is the journey, the growth, and the reflection along the way that makes it all worth while.


Unlike the first OVA here, this story isn’t focused on a single yokai but rather looks at a normal human who has had their life intersected by an encounter with a yokai. Something Natsume can relate to quite readily. However, other than Nyanko-Sensei, this story doesn’t bring in any of the other characters we love so much from the series so it really is a fairly independent story and quite enjoyable, though I imagine some of the impact would be lessened for those who aren’t already fairly familiar with Natsume.

All and all, this was a great story and a nice addition to season 6 of this series.

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Karandi James


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    1. I’ve been seriously contemplating doing a full rewatch of Natsume from start to finish this year, though I have no idea when I would fit that in.

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