Natsume Yuujinchou Go Episode 5



Taki is back with her grandfather’s circle. This of course brings Natsume some angst because he was told in the last story it was a forbidden technique. Fortunately, Nyanko Sensei is about as tactless as a box of hammers and just comes out and tells Taki and that saves us spending the entire episode watching Natsume dither about how to tell her. Instead, we get to see a yokai dealing with their first encounter with a human and the ties that a chance encounter formed. This is interesting as normally we get this from Natsume’s perspective as he encounters the various yokai who end up moving on. This time, Natsume is the outside observer seeing how the yokai and Taki come to terms with their meeting. I love how this show continually finds news ways to explore similar themes. After four seasons it still manages to breathe life into the characters and this setting and there’s something just magical about it. That said, it has gotten to the point where if you don’t know the characters and their histories they aren’t really helping you drop into this story. Season 1 or 2 you could have picked up nearly any episode and made sense of it. Now, there’s so much history sitting behind every encounter prior knowledge is a must. Loving this return to Natsume.


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