Natsume Yuujinchou Go Episode 3


Natsume Yuujinchou Go Episode 3 Review:

The exorcists being involved always makes this usually sweet show just that little bit dark. Not actually dark because then it wouldn’t be Natsume, but just enough tension to really make an impact in an otherwise very relaxing story. Matoba is a character I just love hating and his appearance is always welcome and this episode was no exception.

Even a letter with his name on it was enough to get things moving. I’m trying to recall if we’ve ever seen Matoba wearing a suit before because that was a bit odd. Also, threatening Natsume with revealing the truth to his guardians is just kind of cruel (and so typical of the way Matoba does things). The fact that we also got Natori in this episode just makes it even better and then of course we get a part 2 next week.

Also, we find out that Reiko may have been involved in something forbidden when she collected the Yokai names so we’re continuing this trend of learning a bit more about her even if indirectly. Then we have the fact that Taki’s grandfather was also doing something apparently forbidden and I’m wondering now if there is a link but I’m guessing even if there is we won’t find out anytime soon. Loving this season of Natsume.

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