Natsume Yuujinchou Go Episode 1


Natsume Yuujinchou Go Episode 1 Overview:

Natsume inherited his grandmother’s book of friends which contains the names of all the yokai she defeated. He now tries to give them back.


It’s Natsume and despite some minor changes in character appearance and the slightly sterner tone of his guardians, it really feels like nothing has changed and we’re just back in one of the earlier seasons. For episode 1 we get Natsume’s usual explanation about his grandmother and his ability to see things and then we get the story moving. It was nice that this episode seemed to start to give us more of Reiko’s story as this has remained fairly much an enigma over 4 seasons.

Whether they continue with this as a focus or not remains to be seen but it would certainly be something I’d enjoy watching. If you are looking for a slightly slow moving but incredibly sweet story, Natsume is a definite must and this first episode of season 5 is giving us more of what has been great about the series. If I have one complaint about this episode it would Nyanko Sensei’s very limited characterisation and lack of bite in his dialogue. When every character is sickly sweet you need the sarcastic cat to break things up a bit.

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