Nanbaka Episode 1


A bunch of prisoners who like escaping prison are in a prison.


Is it wrong that I liked this only because I went in expecting to really hate it and instead found it tolerable but not exciting? It’s trying really hard to be funny but I barely cracked a smile. My favourite moments came toward the end where we actually had a few moments of kind-of-serious character back story (which was completely over the top but at least interesting). That said, normally comedies that don’t make me smile bore me to tears and I actually found myself kind of caught up in the initial escape (as ridiculous as it was) and the characters are kind of charming in their own way.

Will I make it through the whole season? Maybe not, but it’s worth another episode at least.

Nanbaka is available on Crunchyroll.

3 thoughts on “Nanbaka Episode 1

  1. I was actually really intrigued by this one… up until I saw the character designs and then lost all interest.

    1. I wasn’t intending to watch this however given the low quality of most of the offerings I’d tried I figured it couldn’t be that bad. And I actually ended up leasantly surprised though still not really impressed.

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