Nanana’s Buried Treasure – Series Review

As this is a whole series review I’m not even trying to stick to the 100 words.


So, Nanana (of the very hard to pronounce name) is a ghost living in a dorm room where Jyugo moves in. He’s been ‘disowned’ by his family though it’s obviously more complicated than that, and even if he wanted to move he can’t. He is stuck buying pudding for a ghost who has treasures hidden in ‘ruins’ all around an artifical island that she may or may not disclose information about depending on her set of rules, or sometimes whims.


I’m going to take a simple plus and minus approach to reviewing this. To be perfectly honest, I found this anime while scrolling through AnimeLab’s collection and while I had heard of it before I’d never taken much of an interest. While watching it I swayed between feeling it wasn’t too bad and wondering why I hadn’t turned it off.

The reason for this indecision is easy to see (SPOILERS):

Plus +

Nanana and Jyugo are great as roommates who have to learn to accept each other’s quirks and learn to be considerate of the other.

Minus –

The land lady is crazy and used for completely unnecessary and not particularly effective fan service which makes it even harder to take the few times she is apparently supposed to be sweet and caring of Nanana seriously.

Plus +

Some really great Indiana Jones style raiding of ruins even if they are kids and the ruins are clearly completely impossible and the treasure’s value is constantly questioned by even the characters in the show.

Minus –

So they had to defeat that last ruin because the first year girl was in trouble? Though she disappeared and never returned after establishing that she was in trouble and played no part what-so-ever in anything after her peril was clear.

Plus +

The Master Detective is hilarious even though her laugh is irritating. And most of her deductions are things that could actually be deduced unlike some ‘master’ detectives who seem to pull conclusions from nothing.

Minus –

All these minor characters who look like they should be interesting who just kind of drift in and out of the story leaving us with a very basic story about a guy living with a ghost. So much more that could have happened here.

I know some people will disagree with the points above but this was how I felt while watching the show – and what bothers me more is that I was thinking about these things while watching which meant I really was not into this show. At no point did I feel swept away or even really committed to Nanana’s Buried Treasure.

It is a pretty enough show and I really did like the design of the ruins, even as I questioned the mechanics. The music was mostly effective and there are some cool powers thrown about when the treasures get activated from time to time.

Okay, most of my watch time I just wanted to eat pudding. Nanana does a great job of making you realise pudding is awesome.

9 thoughts on “Nanana’s Buried Treasure – Series Review

  1. I know that feeling of wanting to eat pudding while watching the show, and after cramming a couple into my mouth after one episode I haven’t had pudding since. Pudding is awesome.

    1. Pudding is awesome and should definitely be a staple of any diet. But, isn’t a reason to watch a show, no matter how much pudding is mentioned.

  2. Nanana was a great show and a rather underrated one from 2014. I liked it a lot, it had a fun cast and that scene where Tensai tries to drink the milk and misses the straw twice…gold. Plus the OP was awesome, good ol’ Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku.

    1. The layout isn’t my usual thing but when thinking about this anime it was the only real way to explain how I felt about it. Thanks for stopping by.

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