My Hero Academia Episode 37: Those Two Have Got To Work On Their Issues



I know they put Midoriya and Bakugo together because their communication was dreadful, but that just seemed needlessly unfair. Midoriya was trying, kind of, to work with Bakugo and he is an absolute jerk. I still can’t believe we’re actually supposed to see him as a future hero and not a villain. Though in a world where Endeavor is technically a hero (the number 2 hero) even though he’s also a jerk I guess we’ll just have to accept that hostility and violence are apparently not disqualifying characteristics.

This fight was as explosive as you would suspect with Bakugo in the mix, but I think All Might was the surprise this episode. He really plays the role of a villain well (even if he did provide multiple openings for the students – it wouldn’t really be a test if they couldn’t have done anything). He’s actually pretty scary when you realise that once he doesn’t care whether the city gets destroyed his power is even more dangerous.

And in the midst of getting crushed, Bakugo and Midoriya kind of come to an understanding even if they still don’t like each other and still can’t really work as a team.


Still, I will exhibit no surprise is Bakugo ever becomes evil. Might be a little judgemental, but the kid is dangerous.


Overall, a pretty good conclusion to the exam but nothing overly unexpected except perhaps how good All Might is at being a fake villain. Then of course we got the preview for the next episode and it seems we’ll end the season with the return of the villains so something to look forward to.

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9 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Episode 37: Those Two Have Got To Work On Their Issues

  1. Finally caught up with the epsiodes so I can finally talk about it. While it seems like Bakugo leans more on the villian side as far as attitude is concerned, he still wants to be a hero because he wants to win against the bad guys regardless of how tough they are. That’s why he aspires to reach the top like All Might did. Of course anything is possible, but why be a villian when there is no glory in it. You win a battle as a villian you are feared, but as a hero you gain praise. Bakugo wants be seen as the best and have that praise and recognition. He is proud, can be a jerk to others and also needs to learn to work better with others (especially Deku), but one good trait about him is that he is determined to give and be best and expects that from others as well.

  2. I think Bakugou as started by astralgemini in the above comments is one of the more interest characters of the show. It is the duality between him and Deku that intrigues me so much because even though Bakugou isn’t meant to be liked or favored, I can’t help but be drawn to him. I don’t think he will convert to a villain, but he will create his own brand of hero that is different from the norm and unique.

  3. I’ve never understood the point of characters like Bakugou, who are all around jerk for the most part but are supposed to be good people in the end. I mean, yeah it spices things up but tone it down a little, so when the time comes you can actually root for characters like them.

    1. It is going to be very hard for me to get behind Bakugo regardless of what happens in the future. Mostly because I kind of want to see him have the attitude knocked clean out of him.

  4. I think that Bakugo is one of the better characters in this series. He’s probably gone through more character development than anyone at this point, though it doesn’t show a whole lot. Coming to U.A. has made him realize that he actually isn’t the best thing since Detroit Smash, there are plenty of people that are smarter, more powerful, stronger, etc. than him. Which is why he purposely backs himself into a corner emotionally to bring out his strongest traits, even though doing so makes him a total jerk to everyone around him, especially Deku.

    The interesting thing about Bakugo, though, is that he and Deku are very similar, in some ways. They both are huge fans of All Might, who inspired the both of them to be Heroes. And Bakugo is shown, in this episode, to have an extensive knowledge of how All Might fights, meaning he’s watched very carefully and taken notes (kind of like Deku)

    Bakugo joined U.A. to become a Hero, maybe not for the right reasons, but I think his heart is in the right place. As much as he can be an insufferable twat-basket, Bakugo’s sheer grittiness, and the way he can stick to his ideals even at the criticism of literally everyone around him, will keep him on the path of a Hero, I think. And him being an Antithesis of Deku doesn’t make him evil, he’s just choosing a different path to the same destination.

    Great review, sorry for the rant, I have way too much i’d like to say about this show.

    1. Thanks for the comment.
      I think my issue with Bakugo is he doesn’t fit what I feel a heroic person would be like. Strength doesn’t really cut it if you can’t actually be nice to someone. But then that’s me imposing my ideals upon him.

      1. I think that’s one of the interesting points that HeroAca makes, you have heroes like Endeavor, whose attitudes wouldn’t really make them seem like a hero, as well as heroes like Uwabami and Mt. Lady, who are more in it for the popularity, fame, and $$$. But they all work as heroes all the same. Because in this world, it’s not really a “dream” anymore, it’s just a job (albeit still a very popular and appreciated one).

        1. I agree. The setting really redefines hero as a job rather than an ideal, though many characters have then painted their own ideals over the title, which is where Stain was kind of interesting.
          Okay, this show just keeps making me want to discuss it which is fantastic.

          1. Stain is a fantastic character, because although his ideology is (fundamentally) correct, and admirable, the way he went about asserting his ideology is incorrect. This is maybe a polar opposite to Endeavor, whose ideology (overthrowing All Might) is incorrect, but he IS known as a hero who has resolved the most incidents in all of history, more than even All Might himself. Doing evil for a good cause, and doing good for a corrupt cause. The way the characters and their relationships are so complex and beautifully written make the show a great discussion topic.

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