My Hero Academia Episode 36: And So They Fought



If this wasn’t the second last episode of the season, you would swear it was a filler episode. We get the match ups of most of the characters we don’t really care about (Uraraka is the exception here but her match is over and done in almost an instant). While there’s certainly merit to seeing some of these classmates in a fight, and some of the teachers that previously had been been in the background, there’s no plot progression and the main characters are sidelined quite literally, taking the role of commentators rather than participants.


That isn’t to say the episode wasn’t fun or that there weren’t some cool moments to be found here. However, from a strictly plot point of view this episode gives us very little. Nother is really revealed about the characters that couldn’t have been surmised prior and none of this is leading to anything except Midoriya and Bakugou’s fight against All Might which of course doesn’t start until the final minute of the episode (almost as if the writers were worried we would suddenly stop watching without that bit of a cliff-hanger).


All and all, as part of the overall feeling of My Hero Academia, this episode works, but it is hardly one of the better showings we’ve had from this second season and I think most of the tournament episodes earlier in the season were stronger than this.

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6 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Episode 36: And So They Fought

  1. I enjoyed the episode but yeah, they felt like fillers.
    Something good should come out of Bakugou and Midoriya teaming up. If nothing else, a bunch of explosion is guaranteed.

  2. It was a pretty boring episode overall but it’s probably to set the bar low and then bring it really high for the next episode where we will hopefully get a great fight scene!

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