My Hero Academia Episode 23


Review (again, spoilers this week if you didn’t watch yet):

I’m not certain which battle was more impressive during this episode. The physical battle between Midoriya and Todoroki was visually amazing and absolutely intense. We had ice being blasted into a million pieces and strong gusts of wind and that was even before Todoroki caved on his not using his left side in combat stance.


But as impressive as that was, it couldn’t have one-upped Uraraka and Bakuro’s efforts just for lasting longer and taking a more physical toll on both contestants. Certainly the audience was feeling the effect of some of those attacks. And it was the first time the teachers nearly intervened before the fight was over so they clearly felt both students were pushing themselves just a little too far for a tournament fight.

Yet, the fight that was more impressive was the one Midoriya declared when he decided to shatter Todoroki’s view of himself and his power. Having clearly told Endeavor last week that Todoroki wasn’t Endeavor, this week Midoriya makes a very similar declaration to Todoroki pointing out that his power is his own and not using it when everyone else is giving their all is not the kind of action a hero would take.


With Todoroki declaring clearly he wanted to be a hero and reconnecting with the child who had genuinely wanted to be a hero, he wins the fight (or at least the match) but I can’t help feeling that this is also Midoriya’s victory.

Besides, even if Midoriya had made it to the next round, his body was kind of done after this match. So, no Midoriya/Bakugo fight for a final which leaves me wondering how this whole tournament arc will come to a close and I must admit at this point I’m really kind of excited to see what is next.

Truly amazing episode following on from a very strong episode. I’m going to be honest, the preview tried really hard but I just don’t know how the next episode is going to stand up after these last two.

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5 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Episode 23

  1. I’m really impressed with Bones’ work on the second season both visually and in pace. I really hope they keep the good effort up moving forward.

    1. I’m surprised that I’m not feeling bored as a whole episode shows one fight or experiencing whip lash the week where we watched about five rounds in a single episode. Somehow they are finding the perfect length of time for the match they are showing and you don’t feel it is dragged or rushed.
      Yeah, and Bones continues to be pretty fantastic at delivering this story.

  2. An episode completely dedicated to a single fight. The season that can use a single set of backgrounds for all episodes. In addition Bones should’ve made a recap. To be honest, all this is frightening a bit =)

  3. I’ve been reading your posts on this show, and I have to say, I am definitely interested in checking it out. I hadn’t come across this one before, so I’m looking forward to watching it.

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