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From a plot point of view, this episode mostly determined who else will make it through the first round. I say mostly because we have one more match to go (more on that later) and another match ended in a mutual knock out which means they still have to decide who is going ahead. So not really a lot of development going on in terms of plot. Did that make this a bad episode? Absolutely not. I was in stitches laughing at quite a bit of this episode. Watching the girl from the support class pedal her wares while Iida was pretty much given the run around had me in hysterics. From the crowd reactions to the commentators, to Iida’s indignant reaction, to her absolute focus on finishing her sales pitch (which I have to admit was pretty impressive), everything about that sequence was fantastic.

In slightly less upbeat news, we then get to Uraraka preparing for her fight and she’s against everyone’s favourite hot-head. Even if the audience already knew there was no way Bakugo was going to hold back when fighting the more timid Uraraka, Midoriya confirms that in a fairly touching pre-fight scene. Points to Uraraka for turning down Midoriya’s strategy guide though. She’s determined to win, or lose, on her very own merit and the preview for next week looks like she’s not getting taken out in one hit so I’m kind of looking forward to seeing what she can do.


Still, I’d be inclined to levitate out of the square if he was taking aim at me.

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3 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Episode 21

  1. I’m a little disappointed you didn’t talk about the fight between Momo and Tokoyami. 2 of my favorite characters and the fight was kinda…. meh. I didn’t like how they portrayed it.

    1. I thought that was fine, but really it was just another fight in amongst all the others. The only one that really stood out was the support girl so that’s what I focussed on.

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