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The talk between Midoriya and Todoroki was really well handled at the start of this episode. Sufficient tension with sufficient foolishness to actually fit the tone of the rest of the show with neither element really derailing the other. As Midoriya points out, Todoroki really does fit the mould for the main character of the story and it is nice that this arc has given him some time front and centre, even if it is just to learn that his father really doesn’t fit anyone’s actual definition of a hero.


Then of course they set up the final competition and we’re going for a one on one actual arena fight. Midoriya gets matched against the general course student in the first round and it kind of looks like they are setting him up to lose (and that would be fine if he did), though given the overall nature of the show I’m sure he’ll remember his friends and all the people who support him and somehow pull through.


Or maybe the school will be attacked by villains and we’ll be spared all the rounds of fighting. Unlikely but that could be fun.

Okay, I liked this episode. Lots of little things happened between various characters (I didn’t even mention Bakugou eavesdropping on the earlier conversation) and even the cheerleading joke which just made me roll my eyes fit within the context of everything else going on. Good fun to watch.

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One thought on “My Hero Academia Episode 19

  1. I’ve been seeing people online comparing Todoroki┬áto Zuko from Avatar and I honestly have to say I agree. Both his appearance and powers are very close. The only real differences are his motivation and the fact he isn’t voice by Dante Basco! Heh, anyways nice post mate, it was an enjoyable read!

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