My Hero Academia Episode 18



Despite episode 17’s efforts to push the B class and some new faces to a small position of prominence, it was fairly clear that class A wasn’t going to take that lying down. This episode the tide if effectively turned and the students we know come out on top, though they really did take things to the final few minutes for Midoriya’s team.


There isn’t a lot of tension, even after team Midoriya lose their headband, because you kind of know that Midoriya isn’t going to fail here. Still, it isn’t easy clawing their way back and the standout moment of the episode comes when Midoriya actually uses his unreliable quirk and doesn’t injure anybody or himself. Small steps toward a control that is great needed. If the tournament can deliver more moments of self-growth for our heroes, I’ll be pretty happy with that.

Kind of looking forward to learning more about Todoroki and his father though and maybe we’ll get some of that next week.

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3 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Episode 18

  1. As someone who’s read the manga, seeing those who haven’t speculating on what’s going to happen amuses me mate. I won’t spoil anything but I will say that My Hero Academia is definitely worth your time and I hope they continue following the manga, because it gets really good!

  2. i think that the fact that one for all doesnt destroy deku when he uses it on a person is a cheap trick unless it comes back to bite him later. i dont particularly like the idea of him relying on that.

    and yeah, that B class thing kinda fizzled

    1. It would have been nice for one of those characters to actually make it through but hey, that would destroy their message of always striving t obe number 1.

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