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I’ve thought this before, but class A is full of morons isn’t it? They might be really powerful but they just like to bulldoze their way through challenges rather than thinking it through. While the spokesman for class B at the end of the episode may have had a fairly repellant personality, his reasoning is sound and I kind of respect him for it. I’d respect him more if he’d just taken the headband and run away rather than sitting and gloating and stirring up someone who really isn’t going to take it well.

The construction of the teams was kind of entertaining and I loved the different views people had about why they would or wouldn’t team up with someone.

Of course, as fun as all the team making and running around was, this episode really feels like it is just waiting for something to happen and it doesn’t. Maybe it will come next episode but it really did feel like we were going through the motions. Would it have mattered if we hadn’t seen how the teams were negotiated and we just saw the battle mid-way through? Somehow I don’t think it would so we could probably just skip right over this episode for all the plot it develops.

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2 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Episode 17

  1. i cant remember…was class A supposed to be the “best” class or was it just that they had been in a real-life hero vs. villain situation? i cant remember whether the classes were arbitrary. still, i think a lot of powerful quirks are in class A, so it’s not unreasonable to think that the type of people with those kinds of reliable quirks would be more likely to depend on them to get them out of situations, whereas a person with a weaker quirk would be more inclined to evaluate the situation

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