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Review (some spoilers):

There was no denying that this episode was kind of fun. Full of frantic effort by the characters, introductions to new powers, desperation to win, and just some novel uses of powers within the context of the game. But two things overshadowed my fun. The first was the inevitable catch up of Midoriya. Admittedly, even I didn’t think he’d actually win the first event but the whole race I was just kind of waiting for what obstacle or twist they’d pull out to allow Midoriya to not get swept under the rug.


I will throw a positive in before I get to the second issue I had. All Might is awesome. I love how he’s willing Midoriya to succeed and reflecting on his choice as well as criticising Midoriya for being a cry-baby even while he’s praising him.

The second issue is of course the set up for the next game. As soon as they finished the explanation my first thought was, ‘that’s not fair’ which then meant I had David Bowie in my head telling me, ‘You say that so often, I wonder what your basis for comparison is.” Labyrinth reference. But it really is blatantly unfair. While I get the point of this competition is for future heroes to show off their stuff and that the real world isn’t all that concerned with being fair, but seriously? Are the teachers trying to get a student killed?

One more positive from the episode before I admit I’ve gone way over word limit yet again; the villain from season 1 is watching the competition and he’s also got his eyes on Midoriya. Now that could make things entertaining.

So mixed bag of an episode. I won’t deny that I had fun watching but from an overall narrative point of view I’m still finding this whole tournament thing fairly pointless.

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6 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Episode 16

  1. This reminds me that there are so many good anime this year like my hero academia season 2 that I’m dieing for. Especifically Granblue Fantasy and The Kings Avatar which also has two episodes that I think are relatively funny and badass. Ialready finished Ao No Exorcist Season 2 which basically felt shot compared to the original which had a big variation of arcs and interesting plot the season 2 just felt like a small ark with a cliff hanger which makes me want a third season to complete the second

    1. Midoriya is definitely more interesting when he’s figuring something out rather than just relying on a strength he can’t control. It is one of the reasons I enjoyed season 1 so much, and the sheer insanity of his plan this episode was fantastic.
      Agreed that pretty stupid is the best description of the set up of the next game.

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