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I really don’t like tournament arcs in stories where there are actual conflicts they could be facing in the real world. Tournaments by their very nature have rules and limitations which takes a lot of the tension out of the matches and in stories there is always a twist somewhere along the way which just kind of makes you roll your eyes.


My Hero Academia tried to overcome the lack of tension by adding personal pressure on Midoriya and by throwing in the line about the fact that they might be removed from the Hero course, but so what? Oh, is I do bad I have to change classes? Really? That’s meant to be a consequence after we had villains attack the school and threaten to kill people. I get that getting dumped from the hero course will impact their future as a possible hero, but so what? It won’t be impossible and they could always go for a different career. As much as they all have hopes and dreams it isn’t the end of the world if they don’t achieve them.

Whichever, the games have started with an obstacle course and the usual quirky behaviour to get round various obstacles (you know, giant robots and the like). I’m not really invested in who wins this race, but I can’t deny the show is still trying valiantly to be fun and exciting even without the potential risks. It was kind of fun in a low stakes kind of way.

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