My Hero Academia Episode 12


At the end of episode 11 All Might showed up and this episode continues directly on. The fight is amazing and given what we know about All Might, full of unexpected tension. That said, the fight is literally the only thing that happens this episode as well as some ramblings from the villain about the basic understanding of what makes an act heroic or villainous but this is quickly shot down by All Might and we kind of just get back to hitting each other really hard. I am optimistic for the final episode and really would like to see Midoriya in action one last time (whether or not I get this remains to be seen).

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6 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Episode 12

  1. Is this show actually any good? I heard some people say that it was overrated and stuff, and I myself found it to be quite hard to watch. After the first three episodes, I dropped the show because I couldn’t quite get behind the MC’s motivation and drive. Plus, he’s too much of a fanboy that I find him kind of irritating.

    1. I don’t know that the show is good, but it is fun and that’s kind of enough at the moment. I understand what you mean about his whole fanboy thing being irritating and someone wanting to be a hero for the sake of it is pretty lame. This is a case of the whole is better than its parts and I’ve really enjoyed watching the series so far but I can see where the criticism is coming from.

      1. Hmm…I see. I would agree with you and say the show could be fun, but if I can’t get behind the main character, I feel there would be no point to watching the show at all…Thanks for the reply!

        1. I know what you mean. I’ve walked away from decent anime before because the MC just wasn’t my cup of tea. It’s also the reason I didn’t watch Re:Zero. I couldn’t stand the main character so gave the show away.

          1. Same here! I couldn’t quite stand watching Subaru in Re:Zero because I thought he was this obnoxious brat whose thought patterns revolves around games and fantasy. In real life, no one would behave the way he would and that annoys me. And the way writers glorify this behaviour really ticks me off. Like in the first episode, he claims he has 70kg grip strength because he swings a wooden sword around. That is not only nonsensical, but only obnoxious writing. Even a dedicated body builder I knew didn’t have that sort of ridiculous grip strength! In retrospect though, I do feel left out because everyone is talking this anime, but then again, if I don’t like it, I won’t watch it. lol

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