My Girlfriend is Shobitch Episode 2: And Dropped



No surprise here that this one didn’t last. Once again there were some sweet moments between the two main characters utterly and completely lost amongst over the top and poorly executed lewd humour. Though I think the girl rubbing the broom stick against her own crotch was more or less the final nail in the coffin for this one (complete with close up).


Shows like this confuse me because they don’t seem to go far enough to really appeal to the ecchi crowd but they go too far for the casual viewer to really be overly comfortable with the viewing experience.


While I’ve certainly seen worse than this, I am definitely not the audience for this anime and so I’m leaving it right here.

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Karandi James.


4 thoughts on “My Girlfriend is Shobitch Episode 2: And Dropped

  1. When I heard about this anime I decided to read a bit of the manga in anticipation. The manga isn’t too bad and not as ecchi as I thought it would be. But the anime isn’t doing it any favours. It’s a horrible adaptation.

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