My Girlfriend is Shobitch Episode 1: Perplexing



Akiho is the class representative and has never had a boyfriend before so when she’s asked out she tries very hard to meet her  boyfriend’s expectations, even though he doesn’t really have any.


This is so weird. It seems to want to be ecchi but at the same time seems to be trying to tell a sweet story of first romance. The thing is, we could recut the episode into two ten minute episodes and end up with one really sweet  rom-com and one over-sexualised, innuendo laden one. The older sister character would entirely disappear from the sweet one because every second she is on screen pretty much screams that she wishes this was actually full on ecchi.


I kind of like Akiho. She hasn’t really got much of an established personality, but her work ethic so far is pretty commendable. Plus her blush when she opened the dirty magazine and got more than even she was expecting was pretty cute. What I particularly liked is it actually seems like she is genuinely interested in the guy and just has no idea how to be in a relationship. It makes her kind of cute.


Still, with incredibly crude humour (both verbal and visual) assaulting you every other line, scene  transitions with shots of the female protagonist lifting her skirt, and general poor animation (lots of stills and panning), this isn’t an overly impressive first episode. It isn’t ecchi enough for those who want that in an anime and those elements are basically getting in the way of this being a cute romance.

Very counter to my common sense, I’m going to watch another episode and see how it goes.

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5 thoughts on “My Girlfriend is Shobitch Episode 1: Perplexing

  1. This is not your typical romance haha, it’s way more focused on the comedy aspect, which is actually also why I enjoyed it so much. As for why the story seems to split into two parts, it is because the source is a 4-koma and this one particular episode adapted a lot of chapters at one go, hence the disconnection.
    Its still a hilariously good series though, so you shouldn’t harp too much on how the romance proceeds and laugh out to your heart’s content 😛

    1. The issue with that approach is the comedy didn’t work for me. Everything I actually liked about the episode came from the sweeter aspects. So yeah, if the comedy is the focus, this one will probably end up dropped.

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