My First Impressions of the Fall (Autumn) Anime Season

The isekai is strong with the Fall Anime season, which wouldn’t be a problem if they were solid anime in their own right. While there’s a couple that might be fun enough there’s nothing that’s really made me sit up and pay attention just yet.

Which is really the whole problem with all the anime I’ve tried so far this season. There’s nothing particularly wrong with most of the titles but I’m also feeling a little underwhelmed. Maybe no-one wanted to go head to head with My Hero Academia’s return? Also, a few shows I had on my list that I was curious about are Amazon exclusives so tragically I’ll not be getting to view them this season.

However, rather than bemoaning what I can’t watch, let’s look at what I’ve tried so far and what I’ve already dropped.

Dropped – Not Watching


Okay, anything that is a sequel to something I haven’t finished the previous season of, or that I watched the previous season of but hated (Fairy Gone) was already excluded from the trial list. I won’t be picking up Food Wars again (still didn’t go back to season 3) and I never quite finished the first season of Bananya because, well… honestly, not my thing.

I’ve tried and did not complete episodes of Days of Urashimasu, Oresuki, and High School Prodigies Have it Easy in Another World (which managed to kill me with character introductions before we decided to do some up-close spit swapping with an elf-girl – hard pass).

Still, the premiere episode that I started watching but dropped before I got to the end that was the most deserving of being dropped goes to Stand My Heroes which was both nonsense from a narrative point of view given the decisions characters were making (may make sense later, I don’t care) and horrendously, unwatchably dull. Honestly, I wanted to like this one going in. An anime focused on adult characters, police focus, a female character potentially as a lead… I would have kept watching if it was even vaguely tolerable. However this one is straight up boring and so I very happily closed the window on it midway through episode one.


Give It A Try


The list of anime I’ve made it to the end of episode one of, but am still on the fence about is far longer than normal. Usually I’d have a few more that I’d decided to commit to after seeing what the first episode had to offer. Alas, we’ve had a round of fairly underwhelming first episodes though all of these anime still have potential provided they don’t get any worse than their first episodes.

Here we have Hataage! Kemono Michi largely because I’m not a wrestling fan or a comedy fan (or at least not this kind of comedy) and so this first episode was tolerable but didn’t do much for me. Shinchou Yuusha gave me a slightly more enjoyable first episode but I’m pretty sure the steam of the running joke here is going to run out well before the finish line so it depends on whether or not our cautious hero expands his horizons or remains a one note joke as to how this will go.

In fairness though, he could be a fun character (maybe).

Ahiru no Sora did a reasonable set up but is nothing to write home about and throw in a cast of characters I’m not really behind as well as a sport I have little interest in and while it might capture me (Haikyuu did), episode one was kind of take it or leave it. Likewise, Val x Love gave us a serviceable enough first episode but ecchi harem comedy is not exactly my area of expertise nor a particular interest so while I’ll give it a few more episodes I won’t be surprised if I drop it.


Ascendance of a Bookworm was barely watchable. Part of this was my own expectations being let down so when I take that away, it was a decent enough set up for a slice of life isekai. I’m just not sure it is a story I’m looking for right now. We’ll see what episode 2 brings. Meanwhile Null and Peta is a short and hard to get much of a feel for in 5 minutes. It worked well enough but didn’t scream ‘must watch’.


Granblue Fantasy Season 2 is more of what season one gave us. That’s enough to keep me watching but I’m hardly jumping for joy. Special 7 meanwhile hit a weird interest I have in shows that shouldn’t work but I enjoy despite acknowledging they aren’t really anime I can shout the praises of. The first episode wasn’t great, sub-par by police drama standard, but I’m curious.


So yeah, some of these might join the dropped pile sooner rather than later and some might become actual keepers but right now there’s a lot of anime in limbo.

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This is a very short list and that kind of makes me a little sad but there’s still anime coming out and if worst comes to worst, I might finally take a stab at getting some of my backlog watched from seasons past. I am continuing Dr Stone. I love the new opening and the story (or rather the general tone) has gotten better and better as it has progressed. For one I was on the fence about at the start of last season it is now an anime I’m very glad I kept going with.


The only two new anime currently sitting here are Mairimashita Iruma-Kun which I’m not sure about the longevity of but I really enjoyed the first episode as it seems cute and funny with enough going on to keep me interested, and Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average in The Next Life which started in a place I wasn’t expecting but I think it will work out relatively well for the anime and I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.


I’ll see what the list looks like after the weekend and a few more anime drop but this is how the Autumn season has started for me. What’s grabbed your interest so far?

Thank-you for reading 100 Word Anime.

Hope you enjoyed.

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12 thoughts on “My First Impressions of the Fall (Autumn) Anime Season

  1. I’m undecided about Oresuki, but episode 2 surprised by escalating the plot to a point I wouldn’t have expected until about the thrid-to-last episode. I’m now even less sure where this going. There are hints that it could actually be a good show, but nothing conclusive.

    Cautious Hero needs the party members as soon as possible, and they need to make a difference. I enjoyed ep2 significantly less than ep1 – diminishing returns. Kemono Michi, on the other hand, has been expanding on its concept in plausible ways. I’m totally in by now.

    My favourites of the new shows are definitely Kemono Michi, Iruma-kun and Bookworm.

    Avarage Abilities was cute and fun, but I didn’t like the villain segment much. I like the characters, though.

    Oh, and Beastars is great. I only noticed the CGI in the beginning, then I just got lost in the show. Special shout-out to the musical score, which works great with the scenes.

    1. I was the opposite with Cautious Hero, I enjoyed the second episode significantly more than episode one as I found the chemistry between the hero and the goddess was finding a groove that I kind of enjoyed. Kemono Michi was also more enjoyable in its second episode. Less petting/groping of furries and more moments that I actually found to be a little amusing made it far more entertaining.

  2. Yes, Stand My Heroes was abysmal. Why they think such a damsel in distress makes a convincing police protagonist is beyond me!

    1. I would have put up with that if anything had been interesting but I was just so bored by everything and every line of dialogue just seemed more inane than the last.

  3. Bit early to judge the season after one episode though “Africa no Salaryman” had me in stitches and is an early favourite if it can keep up the irreverence to this standard.

    Still waiting for Chihayafuru S3 to debut though…

  4. Nothing has really grown on me yet besides the second season of the reboot of legend of the Galactic Heroes, but the fun starts tomorrow when more things im interested in appear.

  5. Great post! Funny enough, I watched the first episode of Special 7 because I was looking for something to watch while I ate (I do not know if it is the same with you, but I absolutely can not eat without watching something at the same time haha). The show caught my interest because I am really into police shows and have been trying to find anime that fits the genre. Ghost in the Shell is one of my favorite, if not my favorite anime ever, and Special 7, especially because of its characters, reminds me of that.

    You are right, the first episode was a little lackluster, but it did catch my interest and I am curious to see where the show goes next.

    1. Hopefully Special 7 builds up a bit from this start. It is definitely an appealing idea but the first episode was not particular well executed if they were trying to hook viewers.

  6. I have yet to try Marimashita Iruma-kun out but i’ve heard it’s been getting some great feedback lately. I’ve been personally avoiding it because of the artstyle but maybe it wouldn’t hurt to give it a few episodes.

    1. It was one of the more entertaining first episode I’ve watched in the last week. Nothing ground breaking but pleasantly amusing and hopefully it will continue in a similar fashion. I kind of liked the visuals. At the very least it is distinct from a lot of the other shows I’ve been watching which makes it far more memorable.

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