9 thoughts on “My Dress Up Darling Episode 3 – Leaning Harder Into The Ecchi

  1. Which Marin do I prefer? (The twitter opener.) My first reaction: But aren’t they the same person? Interestingly, I still feel that first panty shot of the series was the most gratuitious fanservice in the show so far, even though the show’s gotten more explicit. It just feels to slot into show pretty well. It’s no doubt, to some degree service, but it’s not distracting me from the story at all.

    It’s a really sweet show so far. I’m on board.

  2. Yeah, it was me. The manga is basically just one step short of being actual hentai so if that’s not something viewers are up for. But it does remain a sweet story with sexy shenanigans

      1. Okay, the reader has been weird lately as some days I’ve gone in and it has only shown that there were only four posts in the last 12 hours which given the number of blogs I follow seems really unlikely.

    1. It is still very sweet and I really am enjoying the characters so far but that first episode didn’t quite set the full tone for where this series was going.

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