Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Part 2 Episode 13 – A Rare Conundrum

Jobless Reincarnation Episode 13

Sometimes I wonder how deliberate Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation is in its plotting. It really feels at times like an awful lot of thought has gone in to a particular situation but then, usually in the same episode, it will do something that makes me kind of thing that maybe they just occasionally get lucky.

That said, Jobless Reincarnation is an isekai anime that despite some questionable content has continued to strike a chord with me. In the earlier episodes it was through the actual meaning behind having a reincarnation protagonist as it felt they actually used this aspect of his personality to great effect. As part one progressed it became more about how the story continually challenged Rudeus.

Jobless Reincarnation Episode 13

In episode 13 of Jobless Reincarnation it is in how I’m forced to second guess my own assumptions from episode 12.

What is the god character playing at in Jobless Reincarnation?

I’m kind of certain people who read the source will know the answer and I’m hoping you don’t spoil it for anime only viewers. However, with the events of episode 12 of Jobless Reincarnation cast in new light as episode 13 gives us the point of view of Roxy who has arrived to search for Rudeus and others.

See, turns out, from Roxy’s point of view she actually spotted Eris sparring on the beach, but because of her fear of Reijerd she runs away. And right past the alley where Rudeus was walking because he was told to go there.

Jobless Reincarnation Episode 13

Seemingly, if Rudeus hadn’t been given the information to go into the alley, he’d have met Roxy. Instead, he did get an eye that can see the future (a feature which was utterly unmentioned or used in this entire episode) but I’m pretty sure he would have rather have been reunited with Roxy and her group. So was the god actually trying to help him? Is it necessary he have the eye later? Or was he just messing with Rudy?

All that aside, that a large chunk of this episode seemingly focused on Roxy and the blonde elf girl she is travelling with (who seems to be determined to entertain as many men as she can on this trip) we really didn’t get much time with Rudeus and Eris this week. That Roxy’s scenes outside of the changed perspective on her crossing paths with Rudeus were mostly used for lame jokes didn’t do her character any favours.

Jobless Reincarnation Episode 13

When Jobless Reincarnation gets back to Rudeus and Eris crossing the ocean the episode picks up, though the fan service takes off as Eris is sea sick and apparently that means needs to not be fully clothed. Her conversations with Rudeus are at first sweet but take a slightly uncomfortable tone, however even then these two characters work together and their scenes are largely fun to watch.

Lastly, Rudeus then has to go and retrieve Ruijerd from the smugglers who brought him over the water. Easier said than done and we get a brief rescue sequence before Rudeus needs to go back for something and ends up being taken captive by someone who clearly isn’t big on conversation.

jobless reincarnation episode 13

After the pretty solid episode that was episode 12, Jobless Reincarnation felt a little more aimless this week with events seemingly just taking up space before we got to the next thing. That said, the ending point of this episode is a nice set up for the story to continue and I am curious as to how Rudeus is going to make himself understood (no he wasn’t part of the smugglers) before facing punishment.

All tings considered, Jobless Reincarnation carries on many of the strengths from season one and the only real weaknesses are points that I wasn’t too excited about in the first 11 episodes so are expected at this point.

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Images from: Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Part 2. Dir. M Okamoto. Studio Bind. 2021

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Karandi James

5 thoughts on “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Part 2 Episode 13 – A Rare Conundrum

  1. I am liking this show more and more. Rudeus seems to be taking the moral high ground despite being “pervy.” I’ve mentioned before that it isn’t what one thinks but rather what one actually does that makes a person moral. That’s why Eris was in such a state of undress, a plot device to provide the temptation for him to get aggressive and an opportunity for him to decline to do so. Instead there was a a quick exit to the bathroom, which just makes Rudeus seem more real.

    There has to be an innate moral compass to the kid if he controls his lust, despite the bad example of his father.

    OTOH, elf lady is the one up to the sexual hijinks. Which doesn’t bother me at all. Some people base their respect for a person based on their moral judgment of the character’s sexual habits. The only thing I care about is consensuality and in that regard elf lady is just as moral and worthy of respect as a nun in a convent. I think she is there to be a foil to Roxy who appears much more conservative about such things.

    Rudy didn’t see Roxy because he’s not ready to go back and confront whatever he encounters there yet. I think dream-god knows this. He still needs to learn lessons and gain in power.

    1. So you think dream god is helping Rudy, just in a round about way? I was left wondering if he was just messing with Rudy.
      It was good to see Rudy not take advantage of Eris. If we compare to season one where he did try to give in to temptation, until she woke up, he has actually made some ground as a character. If course that leaves Eris pretty much just his temptation and really her character arc isn’t going anywhere in a hurry.

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