Moriarty The Patriot 2nd Season Episode 12 Review

Moriarty Episode 12
Moriarty ep12 2
Regardless of the Sherlock version, I always find Mycroft and obnoxious character.

I’m not actually sure if this is a season 2 for Moriarty the Patriot or just a continuation of the first season with a bit of a gap in the middle, but we are picking up where we left off and AnimeLab declares this episode 12 so who am I to argue.


That said, I was really looking forward to returning to Moriarty and this episode focuses more or less entirely on Sherlock and Watson. To say I was a little less than thrilled would be an understatement even if the episode was more or less a decent re-entry into the Moriarty narrative.

Moriarty ep12 9
Now the question is, will Moriarty appear for more than two minutes in the next episode?

While it might seem like I started this off critically, most of the rest of this post is going to be a pretty positive impressions post for this returning series. Watson and Holmes have some decent chemistry at the beginning of this episode and Mycroft’s appearance and cryptic (to the point of being practically useless) warning to Sherlock at least sets a solid scene to work from. Throw in the visual gag/shock of Sherlock being shot (by a paint-gun) and this opening is actually pretty entertaining – if only I wasn’t waiting for a different character to take centre stage.


As the episode continues, we get a somewhat overly complicated scenario which seems like it will put Sherlock and Moriarty on opposite sides once again. There’s the woman who disguises herself as a foreign king in order to hire Sherlock to steal a photo before returning to her house to wait for Sherlock to appear and then burns her own house down in order to move in with Sherlock and all so that… You know what, it is a slightly ridiculously convoluted plot and that’s just her plays.

Moriarty ep12 6
Here she is, miss perfectly innocent.

Meanwhile, Mycroft is selecting the older Moriarty to retrieve papers from a woman and he’s of course dragging his brothers into the scenario and really it is one of those situations that just wouldn’t occur outside of a mystery plot and probably won’t resolve in a way that makes it feel worthwhile but at least watching the set-up and opening moves has been fun.

Basically, if you liked season one, here is more of the same with more Sherlock and less Moriarty. If season one didn’t sell you on Moriarty the Patriot, there’s little in this episode that will change your mind. For me, I’m hoping for more Moriarty going forward and I’m curious as to where this current situation will go before it comes to some kind of resolution.

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