Momokuri Episodes 9 + 10


Same old. Kurihara goes shopping and agonized over her choice of swimsuit as well as whether she’s offended Rio. They go on the BBQ and cute things are said and various characters blush. One positive of this episode is that some of the support cast get a bit of time to show us they are real people and not just background filler but essentially nothing happens. I’d like to know why Momotsuki feels it would be bad to just tell his ‘girlfriend’ that he thinks she is cute but apparently he can’t say that and that is the fundamental flaw in the entire ‘relationship’. These two characters are infatuated with one another and the idea of being in a relationship but aren’t actually in a relationship. They don’t know how to talk to one another.  That doesn’t stop this show from being cute but it isn’t doing a whole lot more.

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