Momokuri Episodes 7 + 8


This is definitely a single episode and not two parts, however I’m going to let that go from now on and just accept the weird episode numbering going on here. I don’t like Sakaki as a character and I think her reason for liking Momotsuki is even more lam than Kurihara’s which makes it difficult to sympathise with her as she watches Momotsuki and Kurihara’s ongoing ‘relationship’. That said, while Kurihara is still weirdly stalkerish, her relationship with Momotsuki feels really genuinely and quite sweet this episode. Cue lots of blushing and internal dialogue as both these characters spend some time thinking about their feelings. Though Kurihara’s ongoing secret photography obsession has really got to go before we can actually call this a sweet romance story.

Momokuri is available on Crunchyroll.

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