Momokuri Episodes 5 + 6


I’m not sure why they continue to claim these as two episodes when we really have gone into a more cohesive storyline (or rather the events just kind of flow into one another rather than shifting from one situation to the next). This remains really cute even as it follows what should be a very unhealthy relationship.  The introduction of Rio was interesting though I find her liking Momotsuki because he is short every bit as off putting as Kurihara’s obsession with his expressions (and her straw collection – what’s with that). Anyway, this feels like it has well and truly established its tone for the season and I’m enjoying the silliness and sweetness of it.

By the way, does anyone else find the opening reminds them of Acchi Kocchi?

Momokuri is available on Crunchyroll.

One thought on “Momokuri Episodes 5 + 6

  1. yeah, i havent minded watching this one. im pretty sure the reason the episodes are numbered in 2’s is that the series is a re-release of a webseries that had 12-minute episodes

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