Momokuri Episode 1-2 & 3-4


Yuki Kurihara falls in love with a boy in the grade below her and wants to know everything about him. She follows him around and takes photos of him and later progresses to straw stealing. After she has taken 100 photos for her collection she asks him out and to her surprise, he says yes. Now we have two clueless people together and a whole lot of spectators wondering just what is going on. These episodes are actually two half length episodes smooshed together.

Review Episode 1-2:

I am nominating Yuki Kurihara as the cutest stalker anime character I’ve seen. Unlike a lot of other stalkers out there, she doesn’t seem in any way malicious, just really creepily obsessed. This show should not appeal to me. Nothing happened except these two characters getting together and then their various friends giving them advice and the like. However this kind of hit the right about of cute without being tedious for me and I actually do want to see how this relationship develops (if it develops). Definitely giving this one a few more episodes.

Review Episode 3-4:

I shouldn’t find Momotsuki fretting about whether he could have opened his umbrella in a cooler fashion endearing but somehow I do and it sets the right tone for leading into the next two episodes. Yuki remains the sweetest creepy stalker character ever. The first of these two stories has the two going on a date and then shaking hands for his birthday (wow that was interesting shade of red). The second story has a study session involving the friends of the two. I really do like the support cast in this. They kind of break up the sweetness.

Momokuri 4Momokuri 4b

On a final note, I’m nominating this for worst opening of the season – though I’m sure there are other contenders.

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  1. Yup, it’s definitely weirdly enduring, haha. Quite keen to see where this one goes, if it has any other direction that cuteness.

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