Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 1 Series Review


Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Overview:

Mobile Suit Gundam 00: The world has been divided into three large blocs; The Human Reform League, The Union and the AEU. Each group is in control of on the orbital elevators that goes to space and is responsible for providing solar energy to the earth.  In an effort to end war, a group named Celestial Being begin carrying out armed interventions using the mobile suits known as Gundam.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Review:

I will eventually get around to rewatching the second season of this and finalise my thoughts. Like most Gundam shows when you only watch the first part it is kind of incomplete and wholly depressing. Rather than the only half-kind of depressed you end up when you watch the entire thing. That said, Gundam 00 is among my favourite of the Gundam shows out there.

Mobile suit Gundam 00 - Characters

If you’ve never watched one of the Gundam shows they all more or less come down to war is inevitable but no one really wants war and war has terrible consequences that trigger yet more violence. The morals and themes are contradictory as are the actions of many of the characters but if you ever want to look at the human condition and how we seem doomed to continue our cycle of violence, Gundam has you covered. It also has giant robots and fairly cool fight sequences so will keep you entertained while it destroys your faith in humanities ability to ever overcome their basic nature.

Gundam 00 focusses on a terrorist group that were set up by a scientist 200 years ago and have been given technology that at the beginning of the series is far superior to anything the major military powers have. Essentially that means they decide who is causing conflict and then wipe them out to make the point that people shouldn’t be fighting. The fact that the 4 chosen pilots are all opposed to war even while they carry out armed interventions, and they are all aware that they are walking contradictions, makes some of the dialogue intriguing but lacks any kind of subtlety.


What makes this particular Gundam work for me, where others don’t, is Setsuna. Taken by himself he is a fairly bland individual but in the context of the show, his history, and the relationships he creates with the other characters, he becomes fairly interesting to watch and to see the small changes that occur in him throughout the first season. Part of this is to do with meeting Marina but a lot of it has to do with his choices to find a real purpose behind his being chosen to pilot a Gundam.

For a character that outwardly seems fairly passive, he is probably one of the more self-aware characters I’ve come across. He knows his strengths and weaknesses and he second guesses his actions but keeps driving forward. His existence amongst the other Gundam pilots brings out the best, and worst, in them.


Lockon is a really fun character to get to know, but that’s about as far as it goes, until we get to the final third of this first season when Setsuna’s past is revealed. This triggers a change in Lockon that has a profound flow on effect and forces the viewer to reconsider these characters yet again.

Tieria on the other hand, just hates Setsuna from the get go but even he manages to find common ground when the thrones show up and the two learn (briefly) how to work together. Admittedly, this is a short lived truce as both Setsuna and Tieria have some more growing up to do before they’ll actually find common ground.


The pilot who has the least to do with Setsuna is probably my second favourite character(s). Allelujah (or Hallelujah depending on which personality is in charge) gives us some of the more entertaining moments and is strangely the most human of the four gundam pilots (despite being a modified super-soldier reject harbouring an inner psycho).

That said, Allelujah is the first to deviate from the carefully laid out plan when he goes out of his way to rescue civillians and is also regularly the voice of reason amongst the group. He also provides one of my favourite moments of character progress during the final battle sequence in season 1 but I’ll leave you to watch that for yourself.

In honesty though, there are too many characters. We have representative pilots from all the major blocs as well as independent movements, the leaders of the different countries and organisations, and almost everyone has an aide or a friend following them around so they have someone to talk to rather than monologueing all of their inner thoughts. The vast majority of these characters fall into the trap of becoming caught up in an endless cycle of vengeance and having no personality outside of ‘I’ll get him for…’. After awhile it becomes easier not to remember who they are or to care too much about their stories and the series allows you to not care about them.

Even those characters not actively involved in the fighting are all setting up their own agendas and while it kind of feels believable in that all of these people are out for their own ends, it doesn’t make for compelling watching.

And if you haven’t watched it, stop reading now because I’m about to spoil the end of season 1 without any kind of filter.


Why do we not care? Because the vast majority of characters that we have met will either be dead or irrelevant by the end of the first season. Yep, we go for an all out space battle and knock off so many of the minor bit players it makes you wonder why they even let them get that far. We also take out a few major players in an attempt to elicit some real emotion from what is otherwise a cold spectacle that serves no purpose other than to reinforce the overall message that violence doesn’t stop war.

Then of course we skip 4 years and get to see where some of the survivors have ended up and that’s where the season ends and we’ll pick it up next time, but don’t worry, we already know who the new main antagonists are going to be because they did knock off the last one.


Before I give my final thoughts though, I also want to point out that Saji and Louise get my vote for most annoying ‘civilian’ representatives in a military anime. I get that they are trying to show how innocents get caught up in events and how lives are ruined and I also get that a lot of why these two are annoying is because they are trying to show us a happy and uncomplicated life prior to war ripping it apart, but if I could go back and remove every scene involving these two I would.

Saji is a pathetic doormat of a character and Louise does not allow you to feel any sympathy for her when tragedy strikes because she’s been such an overbearing drama queen prior to that moment. I really disliked this pair and felt they added little to the viewing experience.

As I said in the beginning, I will rewatch the second season and then finalise my review but if you like mecha anime or if you are wanting to try one that has some interesting characters, the core cast of this are entertaining enough and the story works even if it does try to be too complicated for its own good some times.

What are your thoughts on Gundam  00?

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Karandi James

11 thoughts on “Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 1 Series Review

  1. “It also has giant robots and fairly cool fight sequences so will keep you entertained while it destroys your faith in humanities ability to ever overcome their basic nature.”
    Loved that line! Yes I think that about sums up many Gundam Series. I watched Gundam 00 too long ago and didn’t really like it (for reasons I can’t even remember). Maybe I’ll watch it again some day.

    Enjoyed reading your review!

    1. Yep, kind of sums up all the Gundam shows which really means that the only difference between them is the characters presenting that theme (okay, there’s a few other differences but they can all get boiled down to much the same points).

  2. My fav Gundam series (1&2). I think the way Setsuna is portrayed is someone who has lived through war. A cold, cynical, person who has had his faith and trust abused by someone (Ali Al Sancheez). And in the process has become withdrawn becaue of his experience. And because no has challenged him on his thinking or way of life, he lives the way he does. Marina is the first one to do so. Hence why she has such an emotional impact on him. Each of the characters were meant to be emotionally broken or scared. Like Lock-on, his past tying in with Setsuna’.

    Louise and Sejii will play a major part in the 2nd series. With Louise taking a different course. Good review!.

  3. I have never watched Gundam so far. Well, that is not really true, I have watched an animated Gundam movie way back in the past. The real problem is that there are so many different Gundam shows out there, that I am kind of overwhelmed by it all. I love Mecha shows, and I absolutely know that I would love this. That said, the big competitor (if you can call it that), Macross, I have watched and pretty much completed it (except for Macross 7, which from what I have heard of it, I did not really miss out on lol) So I might get to this one day, but will do some research for it first. In the meantime I can read about the shows in posts like this, so thanks for sharing 😀

    1. If you ever pick up Gundam I’d recommend Gundam Seed but I haven’t finished very many Gundam shows. Seed was probably the one that made me reconsider just blanket disliking anything Gundam though.

  4. I stopped reading at that spoiler warning because I still harbor the hope that I’ll eventually get around to this franchise.
    This one definitely sounds interesting, what with the giant robots, vicious cycle and good characters.

    1. I’m not a big Gundam fan and I don’t make it through most of the series they put out even though the basic concept is always the same. For me, its whether I’ve made any kind of connection with the characters in the first few episodes and after that I’m fine.

  5. second season may be questionable, but i really enjoyed the first season of 00. the contradiction of celestial being is interesting to think about and i like the concept of using strategy to fight from a significant numbers disadvantage. and allelujah is probably my favorite because he happens to pilot my favorite kind of gundam and i think the concept of two halves of the super soldier is really cool.

  6. It’s sad to see what the anime did with all the characters. So much potential gone right outside the window. While it’s been years since I watched this, I remember feeling particularly disappointed at ending. I remember watching this anime when it first aired and being so sad at Lockon Stratos’ death. It was totally unexpected for me.

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