Mitchiri Neko Episode 1: The Less Said The Better



Something about cats.


I’m guessing the intent of this is to teach vocabulary or something but it certainly isn’t watchable even with only a three minute run time. Solid pass and moving on.

Still, it is shows like this that are making me regret the decision I made to try every premiere on the services I subscribe to in order to at least taste them before making a decision. I probably could have dropped this one after one look at it.

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Karandi James.


13 thoughts on “Mitchiri Neko Episode 1: The Less Said The Better

  1. I initially wanted to watch this because… cats, lol. But after giving it another look (PV screen-shots and overview), I knew I’d hate it so I dropped it off my list of things to check out. So glad I did.

    1. See, the banana cats actually were kind of cute and I managed 4 or 5 episodes of that before I decided it was just wasting my time. This didn’t even have a cute factor to draw me in to committing to something that really isn’t worth my time.

  2. Thanks to you I will never get back those three minutes of my life, but I appreciate you posting about it! 😉

    Do you mind sharing the services that you subscribe to?

    1. Crunchyroll, AnimeLab and HiDive. However, I’ve just added Amazon to the list. Only have access to shows that stream in Australia on those services though.

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